Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Partner Program and Office 365 Cert Update

* Microsoft released a new Cloud Productivity competency that mostly addresses the request I made.  See my update on the new competency at The New Cloud Productivity Competency for Office 365 Partners.

To update my previous post on this topic... Microsoft recently started a Yammer group for partners (request access here if you're a Microsoft Partner) where they asked for feedback on their Partner program and I suggested:

I'd like to see a better alignment between the competencies required for Cloud Deployment partner designation, the exams required to achieve them and the (lack of) certifications for Office 365. The current Office 365 exams are being retired but no replacements have been announced.

It seems to me that Office 365 tests would be a better fit for qualifying as a Cloud Deployment partner than the full Exchange on-premises tests which include much unnecessary content for even large and complicated cloud deployments and migrations.

The answer from Microsoft was:

Good feedback Scott. I hear you on this and we are driving for stronger alignment in the next 6 months.

I take that to mean that they are either revisiting the cloud program requirements or that they are developing Office 365-specific tests or both.  In any case, it sounds like good news to me.

Now we just need to be patient...

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