Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Office 365 Tools

Microsoft Office 365 Logo
Much like my list of PowerShell scripts I'll be keeping track of the various good Office 365 tools I find here.

Happy Clouding!

Deployment Readiness Tool


Office 365 Speed Test

Exchange Client Network Bandwidth Calculator

Exchange Connectivity Test

PowerShell Scripts

More PowerShell Scripts - Package to Run Locally

Pre-Stage Migration Software
Office 2010 & Lync (from your portal), ADFS, DirSync (from your portal), OnlineServices PowerShell, .NET 35 SP1, Desktop Setup Wizard (from your portal)

DNS Testing Tools
GUI Tool by Justin Wyllys and

3rd Party Migration Tools
Migration Wiz, MetaVis, Metalogix, Quest
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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Oren, I appreciate your input, however, I'm going to deny your comment on my blog. I'm not interested in having vendor comments muddying it up.

    I do plan to publish a blog with a list of vendor solutions for Office 365 soon. I'd be happy to include your solution in that list.


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  4. Useful tools indeed, one can find more tools, tips and tricks at official sources like is really useful. Nice post.

  5. An Office 365 migration everything over in batches. It transitions all of your resource mailboxes and existing users from One Office 365 tenant to another... During the migration, Office 365 users will still have the ability to send and receive emails from users that haven't migrated over yet.


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