Monday, July 20, 2009

More Disaster Recovery Thoughts

After much additional thought, we've decided to try the Datto Viridian backup solution. We'll be giving it a try out at a client we just installed a new server at. Datto offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so we're going to install and play with it and if we don't like it we'll just send it back and go back to Zenith's BDR.

For those of you that aren't familiar with the Datto but know the Zenith BDR, here are some comparison points:

There's an article about Datto and Zenith at if you're interested. After reviewing the above, the questions I have are:
  1. Is the service at Datto comparable or better than Zenith? How about responsiveness upon ordering?
  2. Is there any reason why I should prefer a Windows BDR OS over OpenSolaris?
  3. How is the set up process for the Datto? I like that they provide and do the shipping for the initial offsite image. Much better than the draconian requirements Zenith has.
  4. How is the performance on the Datto for virtualization compared with Zenith?
  5. What's the ongoing support experience like with Datto. Do they just fix stuff that needs fixing or do they continuously involve the service provider in thinks that should just work?
Anyway, I like what I see at Datto. Zenith may have been the thought leader here, but Datto may have built a better widget.

Let me know if you have experience with the Datto or if you would like to recommend a feature of the Zenith that I might be overlooking.

* Updated 7/27/09: According to Zenith, they use 2 US-based sites for hosting off site data as well. The table was updated to reflect the correction.


  1. Scott,

    Our Data Centers are in the US. Hagerstown, MD and Denver, CO.

    Ryan Morse
    Zenith Product Manager

  2. Ryan, I appreciate your correction. My apologies. For some people that is seems to be an important issue, although if the data is well encrypted I'm not sure why.

    In any case, thanks!

  3. Ryan,
    Do you have an update on your Datto experience?

  4. I assume that's meant for me, Paul? I started to do my reply here as a comment. It got so long that I've posted it as a new blog entry. Have a look at "BUDR's Revisited" for my thoughts on Zenith and Datto today.

  5. I've updated the blog with our experiences with the Datto now that we've got a few of them installed. See it at
    BUDRs Revisited


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