Thursday, August 2, 2012

Office 365 and CRM Online

A couple weeks ago I delivered a webinar along with Josh Behl from Quadis Technologies.  We presented to the Kansas City Cloud Consulting User Group and the topic was how Office 365 and CRM Online work better together to enable sales and marketing organizations.  We uploaded the video to YouTube for any of you who are interested.

The topics we cover are:
  1. Giving your sales team a unified platform to manage customer communication, track leads, quotas, pipeline, and other KPIs
  2. Giving your marketing team tools to manage marketing lists, campaigns, products, marketing literature and ROI
  3. Enabling your staff to share business knowledge and make informed decisions across the organization
  4. Collaborating in real time to respond to opportunities and support cases
  5. Giving your geographically distributed sales force access to the same productivity tools from any browser-enabled device, anywhere
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