Thursday, August 1, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different - Moving to Microsoft

Changes Coming...

Over the last 2 years over 1,300 of you have followed me on Twitter, I've had 74,000+ page views on this blog reading 83 published articles and I've interacted with many of you through comments here or on LinkedIn.

And now for something completely different: Microsoft.  It has been a career goal for me to work at Microsoft for almost 15 years and that goal has finally been realized... last week I started at Microsoft as an Account Technology Strategist working in the Kansas City Microsoft office.

In the months ahead I plan to continue to post informative, well written articles on cloud services, as that is still a large part of my job.  However, I will not be concentrating solely on Office 365 the way I have been.  Expect articles about other cloud services like Azure as well.  And in the not too far distant future I plan to update the look and feel and possibly the "brand" of the blog as well.

I hope you all stick around.  The best is yet to come... I plan to use my new perspective to bring even more interesting and relevant content to you in the days ahead.  It will probably take me a few weeks to get on my feet... there's a LOT to learn here, but I love it so far and know it will be as good as I've always hoped.

In the meanwhile, come connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.  I will continue using Twitter as a funnel for industry cloud computing news and for announcing new articles here on my blog.

Thank you for your readership, see you soon!
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  1. Scott, as someone who is a 365 evangelist and an avid reader of your blogs and tweets, I'm very happy for you with this! You've been quite an inspiration when it comes to plotting out my IT career path. Cheers!


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