Saturday, March 3, 2012

Microsoft Store Coming to Kansas City Area?

If you're at all interested in retail or retail management it appears there are opportunities to work at a newly opening Microsoft Store in the Kansas City area!

While reviewing local Microsoft news I found several job openings via a web search.  If you check out indeed job search you'll see 9 open positions including Assistant Manager, Teacher, Product Advisor and even a Community Development and Events Specialist.  The Assistant Manager job is also listed on the Microsoft Career website.

According to the job postings it appears the store will be in Overland Park.  I've contacted Microsoft but have no confirmation yet.  All signs point to "yes" though.

I haven't had a chance to visit a Microsoft Store yet, so I for one am excited!  I'm glad to see that Microsoft is continuing to invest in their presence in the Kansas City area.
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  1. It's going into Oak Park Mall where Talbots used to be. I manage the arcade in the mall and we had talked to the mall about moving into the spot but Microsoft had snatched it up before Talbots even left.

  2. Great information Jordan! I didn't know there was an arcade in the OP mall any more. There was one there years ago when I went to high school, but it closed some time ago.

  3. We get that line a lot - Shoved in the corner by Dillards South. Fun Factory was the absolute best though!

  4. The cat is out of the bag today. I hear that Microsoft put up a "Coming Soon" sign on the old Talbot's space today. I hear we're likely to see it open sometime this summer.

    The Business Journal posted an article about it this afternoon as well at

    Remember... you heard it first here!

  5. The official word is out now. See my update at

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